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4X Tha WHAT?

Do you know the power behind #dish #soap? Not just any brand but Dawn's Platinum 4X faster grease cleaning. This dish soap cleans gre

ase so well. I use #Dawn when I am rinsing my cleaning towels while cleaning ovens, under and on top of microwaves to get rid of grease. It even cleans the hard black stains out of the towels that comes out of the oven from food burning on the bottom. Dawn dish soap is also inexpensive as well. Having a #cleaning #company I look for ways to keep my overhead cost down while searching for inexpensive yet effective and quality products. Dawn's soap can be purchased at #Samsclub #walmart #target or any of your local retail stores. If you find Dawn's dish soap effective leave a message in the comment section or let me know what dish soap is your favorite. Tune in next Tuesday for more cleaning hacks, tips, and more!{productid}&wl13=8292&wl15=119074119492&wl16=&wl17=&wl18=&wl19=&wl20=Cj0KCQjw6pOTBhCTARIsAHF23fKz5Zgi_i8LkAba7ZuTkLVwcciBCLnKFa5QJjrZcnct9-yIcdr-2LwaAgZ6EALw_wcB&wl23=1041590774385&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6pOTBhCTARIsAHF23fKz5Zgi_i8LkAba7ZuTkLVwcciBCLnKFa5QJjrZcnct9-yIcdr-2LwaAgZ6EALw_wcB

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