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Mean Green

Are you a person who fry a lot of food at home? Well, this #blog is just for you. #Mean#Green is an excellent #degreaser. This product has helped many of my projects be successful. It is so tough on #grease all it takes is a #hepa #microfiber towel and #mean #green to remove. Now, where can grease be trapped that is unseen to the naked eye of course on top of the stove is one. Then there is under the hood or microwave above the stove as well as under cabinets and on the very top. Sometimes the grease and dirt will get trapped and create an extremely sticky substance. In this case, the #degreaser will need to sit on the cabinets to break up the substance and they remove with towel and water and wallah it is all gone. #Mean#Green can be purchased at your local #walmart #target #Amazon or any other retail stores. If you find #mean #green helpful, please let me know in the comments. Let's meet here every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon (CST). Peace and Be Well!!!

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