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Toilet Bowl Fresh

Have you ever had guest and could tell what they've done in your toilet? Do they leave a stain or speck behind? I may have a solution, READY, LET'S GOOOO!!! Here are two ways your guest can help you keep your toilet fresh. One is getting a spray bottle and mix vinegar and water so they can spray before and/or after each use. The second solution is taking diluted #antibacterial#fabuloso I prefer purple but either color works. Take the #fabuolso and fill toilet bowl holder with your mixture and WALLAH, not only will your toilet smell good but it will be #sanitized while in the R&R Relax and Relaxation (#restroom). You can purchase these products at your local #walmart or other local retail store. If you try this let me know how it works for you or if you have some ideas, drop them in the comment section. Meet me here every Tuesday and Thursday!! Peace and Be Well

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